CYBERSEC Forum 2017

The most important conference on cybersecurity in Central and Eastern Europe will be held on 9-10 October in Krakow. CYBERSEC Forum is a unique opportunity to meet and discuss the current issues of cyber disruption and ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity-related threats. The Forum mission is to foster the building of a Europe-wide cybersecurity system and to create a dedicated, collaborative platform for the governments, international organisations and key private sector companies.

CYBERSEC will focus on four streams:

  1. STATE STREAM – Facilitating cross-stakeholder cooperation and supporting the creation of public policies for digitisation and cybersecurity.
  2. DEFENCE STREAM – Enhancing cyber defence capabilities in the face of growing threats resulting from the activities of modern states in cyberspace.
  3. FUTURE STREAM – Defining trends, opportunities, and challenges as well as generating cyber innovation and facilitating the growth of the information society.
  4. BUSINESS STREAM – Determining the role of the private sector in ensuring cybersecurity as well as analysing powerful trends in the market offering cyber products and cyber services.

The IFIS Foundation representative will participate in the conference.

CYBERSEC Forum website.