The IFIS team participates in Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity invited Solvers from around the world to develop innovative solutions and methods for integrating crowdsourced forecasts and other data into accurate, timely forecasts on worldwide issues.

Under the GF Challenge participants will develop solutions that produce probabilistic forecasts in response to numerous closed-ended forecasting questions that concern specific, objectively verifiable geopolitical events containing timeframes with deadlines and locations. Over the course of seven months, contestants will be asked to produce forecasts to a series of questions on geopolitical issues, including foreign political elections, interstate conflict, disease outbreaks, and economic indicators. The IFIS team will be participating in the GF Challenge.

The Geopolitical Forecasting (GF) Challenge is organized by The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity [IARPA], within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [ODIN].