Polish Communication Satellite Programme – Vision and Opportunities

On 22th March, a seminar entitled “Polish Communication Satellite Programme – Vision and Opportunities” was held at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw. The event was attended by representatives of a broad number of state institutions, the Polish Armed Forces, academics, the Polish and Foreign companies representatives, as well as independent experts. The seminar was organized by the Military Research and Analysis Team.

The main discussion during the seminar concentrated on the proposal of the Polish Communication Satellite Programme from the perspective of public institutions and the army. Participants also discussed technical and organizational solutions for Poland offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers of satellite systems.

The seminar was also devoted to industrial capabilities and possibilities of providing appropriate products and services in the satellite communication area. The companies representatives and partner institutions has presented their dedicated solutions:  the Institute of Aviation, Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio, GovSat and Intelsat. At the end of the presentations a discussion panel was held with the participation of representatives of Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio, GovSat and the Polish Space Industry Assosciation., during which the perspective of companies on the development of the communications satellites sector in Poland were presented. The panel was moderated by Paweł Fleischer from the Institute for Forecasting & International Studies.