Belsat: Is Poland feared of Russian tanks in Belarus?

Poland is strengthening its defence potential with the support of the United States. The decision to build Fort Trump has not yet been made, but Poland has already purchased HIMARS missile artillery systems. President Lukashenko does not remain passive to the actions undertaken by Warsaw and declares that the actions of Poles will be met with an appropriate response from Belarus.

Poland purchased 20 HIMARS missile artillery systems. At the same time new units of the Territorial Defence Army are being created to the east of the Vistula River. Initially new units are being formed in the direction of Belarus and Russia. In plans to strengthen the eastern part of the Poland border, the General Staff of the Polish Army proposed to create a fourth division in the Belarusian direction.

We invite you to watched an interview given to Belsat television by Paweł Fleischer – IFIS President & CEO.