Belsat: Bridge between US and Russia? Belarus, Poland discuss military cooperation

Hostile rhetoric as a cover-up for an attempt to negotiate: Belarus’ and Poland’s top brass are establishing contacts while Lukashenka are publicly slamming the western neighbours. Will Minsk and Warsaw help defuse the tension between Moscow and Washington?

This is an important stage in Poland and Belarus relations. Its goal is de-escalating and explaining all the steps being made by Minsk and Warsaw to the neighbour

Paweł Fleischer – CEO & President Institute for Forecasting and International Studies

Poland is negotiating the stationing of an US military base; Russia is deploying missiles in Kaliningrad, and the United States announced its withdrawal from the INF treaty. Belarusian and Polish military’s cooperation may can help ease the Moscow-Washington tension.

This is not a summit, just a working meeting. Such visits do not usually receive a wide coverage. In diplomacy, it is common practice to very sparingly speak on some subjects

Paweł Fleischer