Belsat: The impact of NATO operations on the Alliance history.

The Belsat, Belarusian Television, as part of the new ‘The territory of the Truth’ season, invited key experts to a debate on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of NATO enlargement and the 70th anniversary of the Alliance’s formation.

The programme is led by well-known journalists Vitaly Portnikov (Ukraine) and Kalinkina (Belarus).
Experts from the four countries involved in the talk show:

Sergey Grizunov, a former deputy chairman of the Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, writer, journalist, professor, Russia.

Andriy Teteruk, MP Colonel, Ukrainian politician and the commander of the Myrotvorets battalion, Ukraine.

Pawel Fleischer, the president of the Institute of Forecasting and International Studies, an expert on security issues, Poland.

Marius Lavrynyavichus, a leading expert of the Institute of Political Analysis of Vilnius, Lithuania.