NATO, Russia and the Battle for Airspace | GMF Event

On the 22th July, German Marshall Fund has organized a conversation with General Philip Breedlove and Mark Guzinger on the future of the NATO and enhancing defence on the Eastern flank. The debate concerned on Russia’s increasingly aggressive activities in eastern Europe, violations of airspaces in the Baltic Sea region, and withdrawal from INF Treaty which pose a real threat to the security of NATO and its members states. At the same time, the invited guests tried to answer the question on NATO’s internal challenges threatend the credibility of the alliance. The main question that was asked during the meeting concerned: What are NATO’s main solutions for Russia’s belligerent activities? What role can fifth-generation technology play in transatlantic alliance’s future strategy? How to unite the divided transatlantic allies?

The panel on Alliance security was supported by Polish experts Beata Górka-Winter (Warsaw University) and Marek Świerczyński (Polityka Insight). The closed seminar was attended by representatives of government institutions, diplomats and experts in security and international relations.