About us

Institute for Forecasting and International Studies mission is to help improve policy and knowledge through research and analysis. Promotes the development of the global peace and security through publications and other activities, based on the objective information on political and military developments.

Our services are oriented primarily towards the European society, as well as other institution interested in international affairs and defence studies. Institute for Forecasting and International Studies is an independent nonpartisan research institute which specialises in analysis and forecasting.

Our Institute provides data, analysis and recommendations based on open sources to the interested public. Experts involved in our works adopted a multidisciplinary approach to analysis and consulting.

Main principles which guide our work

IFIS Principles

Research Independence

Institute conducts independent and objective research. We believe that intellectual independence ensure research quality which help in balancing among different perspectives to be well understandable to the audiences.

Quality and objectivity

Institute have an interest in the quality of the research and objectivity. They are valued in science as a contributor to analytical success and usefulness. We are committed to conducting research in a manner that is impartial, open-minded and meets the highest standards of methodological integrity.


Institute associates may not use the Institute resources for political activity. We seek to maintain a strict sense of non-partisanship in all our activities.

Conflict of interest

Our associates should always perform their responsibilities in the best interest of the Institute. We avoid both the appearance and reality of conflict of interest.


Institute is committed to openness, transparency and honesty about our structures, mission, policies and activities. We are conscientious stewards of financial resources, property and sensitive information.