Horizon Scanning

The output from horizon scanning is used to the scenario generation, where plausible future scenarios are created.

Horizon scanning is a deliberate or purposeful strategic planning activity where emerging changes and developments are analyzed to identify events, trends and drivers (collectively, ‘factors’) that may shape an organization’s future operating environment and so its policy, research and strategic agendas.

Agile Analysis

The growing complexity of international issues and the consequent requirement for multidisciplinary input causes overloading by data and losing the ability to pick up out what is important and fail in making good judgements.

Agile Analysis is designed analytical technique which reduces analysis time and provides precise information.

Foreign Policy Analysis

Foreign policy analysis is the study of the conduct and practice of relations between different actors, primarily states, in the international system. Diplomacy, intelligence, trade negotiations and cultural exchanges all form part of the substance of foreign policy analysis.

At the heart of the field is an investigation into decision making, the individual decisionmakers, processes and conditions that affect foreign policy and the outcomes of these decisions.